About the Physical Exhibits

About the Everyday Almost-Art Exhibit

There is no physical exhibit, just the one presented here at this site. The things depicted in the photos are all over the place.


About the Re-Non-Representational Almost-Art Exhibit

The original collection of Re-Non-Representational Almost-Art has been shown at the following galleries:

The Disaster Area, in St. Petersburg, Florida,

online, at,

<soon>, in Key West, Florida,

<pretty soon>, in Miami, Florida,

<eventually>, in Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Naples, and Pensacola, Florida,

<maybe never>, in Jacksonville, Florida.

<you never know>, in Perth, Australia.

(The collection is available for exhibit by appointment. See below for contact info.)  


About the Poetry, Shadows, and Reflections Exhibits

What you see here is all there is to the exhibit.


About the Favorite Artists Rakes Collection

The rakes are on display in my garage. (I haven't used them to rake the yard yet, but you never know.)


About the Videos

Thanks to BishyBabyBabylon and others (with contributions in the Almost-Art Tube section) that are made available on YouTube and other video sites.


About the Icicles Collection

Christopher p. (a contributor with an Exhibit featured here) must have the originals at his: Optic Lounge Studio.