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A (Partial) "Taxonomy of Art" Chart  

Type of Symbolic Art
(incl. Almost-Art) 
(kingdom, domain)



Division, Type

(phyla, class, order)

Genre, Movement

 (family, genus)





non-representational taste mixology cocktail Donato "Duke" Antone the Harvey Wallbanger drink, c. 1950
non-representational taste gastronomy, or the culinary arts dessert Martha Stewart A strawberry cheesecake, c 1998
non-representational smell olfactory entreatments perfume Estee Lauder Intuition, 2001
non-representational sound music marching band music John Philip Sousa The Liberty Bell, 1893
non-representational sound music piano concerto Ludwig van Beethoven Appassionata, c. 1806
non-representational sight image abstract painting Wassily Kandinsky Yellow, Red, Blue, 1925
non-representational sight designer clothing
(as symbol, not function)
haute couture Gianni Versace the "safety pin" dress, 1994
non-representational sight, touch sculpture abstract sculpture, bronze Henry Moore Knife Edge, 1962
non-representational sight, touch architecture art deco architecture William van Allen Chrysler Building, 1930
representational sight, touch sculpture single-stone statue ancient Egyptians Great Sphynx of Giza, third millennium BC
representational sight, touch sculpture Renaissance sculpture Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni David, 1504
representational sight sculpture ice sculpture Kevin Gregory When Hell Freezes Over, 2005
representational sight image, painting impressionistic  Claude Monet Houses of Parliament, London, 1905
representational sight 2D, comics satirical Mad Magazine Mad Magazine issue #153, September 1972
representational sight image pop art Roy Lichtenstein Girl With Hair Ribbon, 1965
representational sight "sculpture" dada sculpture Marcel Duchamp Bicycle Wheel, 1913
representational sight image wildlife art Edwin Henry Landseer Monarch of the Glen, 1851
representational sight image painting, fantasy art (poster) James Cauty Lord of the Rings, 1973
representational sight literature novel Herman Mellville Moby Dick, 1851
representational sight/sound literature, poetry children's A. A. Milne Winnie The Pooh, 1926
representational sight/sound dance avant-garde dance   Project Bandaloop Cliffs, 2005
representational sight/sound play classic tragedy William Shakespeare Hamlet, 1600
representational sight/sound play vaudeville act and song Sophie Tucker Some of These Days, 1911
representational sight/sound magic act escape Harry Houdini Upside Down Water Torture Cell, 1913
representational sight/sound television show comedy tv show Monty Python's Flying Circus How Not To Be Seen, or The Ministry of Silly Walks, 1970's
representational sight image cubist painting Pablo Picasso Guernica, 1937
representational sight image minimalist painting Kasimir Malevich Torso,  1928-1932
representational sight "sculpture" conceptual art Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs, 1965
re-non-representational sight image painting, or other image Max Buzzell Me and You, 2004

both representational
and non-representational

sight/sound opera classic opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Don Giovanni, 1787
both representational
and non-representational
sight/sound movie with music, b&w detective W. S. "Woody" van Dyke (dir.) The Thin Man, 1934

both representational
and non-representational

sight/sound movie with music sci-fi comedy Barry Sonnenfeld (dir.) Men in Black, 1997

both representational
and non-representational

sight/sound movie with music, cartoon sci-fi musical

The Beatles, 

George Dunning (dir.)

Yellow Submarine, 1968

both representational
and non-representational

sight/sound video with music and words hip-hop video

Beastie Boys,

Spike Jonze (dir.)

Sabotage, 1994

both representational
and non-representational

sound music with words reggae Bob Marley Exodus, 1977

both representational
and non-representational

sound music with words rock and roll AC/DC Hells Bells, 1980

both representational
and non-representational

sight/sound/touch patents virtual reality Jaron Lanier His seminal portfolio of patents related to Virtual Reality and networked 3D graphics (Recently purchased by Sun Microsystems), c1991-1996


Note: This chart includes examples of a few things that might be considered art or almost-art to show how they may be arranged in a taxonomy; it is not saying that there is as much artistry in the collection chemicals in a cocktail or perfume as there is in Beethoven's Appassionata.


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